Adventure begins at home at Red Earth. There’s magic, adventure and so much more hidden in every room and nook here. Come discover!


On the days the sun is beating down too hard, retire here. Let stories from our collection of books transport you to other worlds or the lilting notes of music from around the world gently carry to your version of paradise.

After a heavy lunch, you stumble into this room determined to stay awake. We have stacked this room with all the ammunition you might ever need – from table tennis to carrom boards to a snooker table. Go ahead, pick your ammunition. Sleep? Annihilated. Mission? Accomplished.

An everlasting fountain of youth is a myth. What isn’t a myth – our Spa. Stocked with essential Ayurvedic ingredients and manned by professionally trained staff, at Red Earth Spa witness your worries slip away with every drop of oil. Your palms spread out and your forehead increase with every passing second. And for the final touch? You wake up sporting a smile. There you have it – the secret to everlasting youth.

Nightlife doesn’t always have to be quivering speakers, pungent rooms, and neon lights. Nightlife can be sand-tousled hair, wide eyes gazing at the night sky and a gentle wind grazing your clothes. At night, we count stars at Red Earth.

The sky is a shade of azure and the sun is ready to dip into the horizon. You have adventure on your mind but have no intention of venturing into the ocean. We have prepared for this very moment. See that net tied to the two poles? That’s for you. Grab the ball and settle in for your first session of beach volleyball at Red Earth Gokarna. We hope you have a name for that team of yours.