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The salt in Gokarna’s air is yours for tasting. If you haven’t had a chance to splash about in the ocean, you know it is time to get out!

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There is more than one way to connect with the ocean in Gokarna. When you aren’t running into oncoming waves on full adrenaline, pause. Cast your fishing hook into the ocean. Wait. As your rod starts to pull, reel in to savour your moment of victory. You did it! Your patience paid off and your lunch is ready.

It is evening and you have heard so much about Gokarna beaches’ ravishing sunset. Feel like chasing it? On the Banana Boat, you can join others with a similar sentiment. As the wind pulls your banana boat into the ocean, your chase begins. Feel the rush of adrenaline turn into laughter and squeals as you rush closer to the horizon. Disclaimer: you probably won’t catch that sunset.

Wild and mellow. Delirious and calm. After soothing your soul to the sound of crashing waves, it is time you indulged your wilder side. How? Grab a seat on the raft on Kali river. Get in. Buckle up. Shh, no more questions. Save your voice for all the squealing you are about to do

You feel the fabric of the parachute tied to you – a canopy, they correct. You stare ahead at the boat your canopy is strung to. Before you begin to overthink, the boat dashes into the water at full speed. Your eyes widen as you begin to fly – the ocean extends unendingly ahead. You eyes gleam. This is what it must feel like to be a bird.

The sky is a shade of azure and the sun is ready to dip into the horizon. You have adventure on your mind but have no intention of venturing into the ocean. We have prepared for this very moment. See that net tied to the two poles? That’s for you. Grab the ball and settle in for your first session of beach volleyball at Red Earth Gokarna. We hope you have a name for that team of yours.

The ocean looks quite nice from this cliff. Before you decide to quit and stay back, you are launched into the sky. How can one be this speechless and terrified at once? Anyway, your scream transforms into a squeal of joy even before it makes it out of your mouth. The ocean sways beneath you, the wind whips against your face and the sun’s kiss feels like it is your first.

At Gokarna, day slips into dusk and then night without much ado. When the skies darken above, don’t sigh and resign for the day. Carry that cocktail and take a walk on the beach. While the world sleeps, let the salty air and soft sand whisper their lullaby to you. All you have to do is keep your ears open and your mind empty.

Nightlife doesn’t always have to be quivering speakers, pungent rooms, and neon lights. Nightlife can be sand-tousled hair, wide eyes gazing at the night sky and a gentle wind grazing your clothes. At night, we count stars at Red Earth.


Something for your mind, your senses and now your soul. At Gokarna, soul-searching begins at its temples. Fill your days here with mystical legends, small epiphanies and walks to temples.

The sun blazes above you. Shielding, you walk the last 100 yards and hold yourself. Your heart’s pounding away but you barely notice as you inhale the mountain air. You made it.

Conquer heights with gusto at Gokarna

You begin with the trepidation that typically accompanies trying something new. The waves surge below as you hold on for life to the sleek surfboard beneath you. You rock erratically with the waves as you try to conjure up some courage. When you find it, you rise cautiously. This is it, this is the tide. The surf teacher’s instructions ring in your ears and you bend to catch the wave. You land gracefully as your body tenses in the realisation of what you just achieved. Take a moment to savour it. You spot an oncoming wave – you narrow your focus on it. You are prepared.

Hire a bike or a scooter and explore Gokarna on two wheels. Feel the wind in your hair as you make your way up the forested Western Ghats for an ethereal view of the sun and sands, the green paddy fields and fishing boats bobbing on gentle waves. Or just ride along the spread of white, spotless shores that stretch endlessly along the Konkan coast.