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Located on the edge of a cliff overhanging the pristine Honey Beach in Karnataka, Red Earth Gokarna is not just a place, where you are washed by the sea, soaked in the stillness, and satiated by the food to return home energised and reinvigorated. Red Earth Gokarna is a state of mind, of peace and calm, of a mind and body, realigned, in harmony and balance.

Sitting on the pristine Honey Beach, quiet and quaint, Red Earth is a wellness destination set amidst the forested hills of the Western Ghats and the peaceful beaches of the Arabian Sea. Here you can unwind, refresh, and heal armed with the ancient wisdom of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Immerse yourself in the aura of Gokarna, an old powerful temple town honed by the magic of nature, of the seas and mountains, for a new you.

Our Yoga Teachers Training Programme starts on 1st September, 2019 and we have an Ayurveda Centre coming up soon offering customised wellness programmes.

Responsible Tourism


The Red Earth family strongly endorses the model of sustainable, responsible tourism across all our properties. At Gokarna, we work with the indigenous Siddhi, Halakki Gowdas and the local fishing community to ensure that ecology and community take precedence in all our efforts.

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Local Community

  • A majority of the people working in Red Earth Gokarna are from the local and fishing communities who are being trained in the subtler nuances of hospitality.
  • We buy local produce from the Halakki Gowdas and seafood from the fishing community, prioritising the local economy.

Resource Preservation and Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • With Red Earth Gokarna, we have changed the narrative from creating eco-friendly properties to transforming an existing, unsustainable property into one, considerably reducing our resource consumption.
  • We buy fresh, local vegetables, grains and seafood to reduce packaging and transport emissions.
  • Natural stones like laterite are used for the construction of the cottages.

Energy Conservation

  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs are used throughout the property.

Land Preservation

  • Plastic bags and water bottles are not encouraged within the resort.

Recycling Waste

  • All dry waste is segregated and composted.