The secret to self-discovery isn’t unplugging. The secret is rebooting. Among craggy cliffs and soft-sand beaches, re-learn the art of rebooting with Red Earth.



Redearthgokarna Yoga

Rebooting means doing things differently. Let brisk morning walks give way to yoga at sunrise. Let huffing, puffing and panting give way to deep breaths as your mind, body and soul unite in harmony.



Redearthgokarna wellness

In a fast-paced world, our health often takes a back-seat. At Red Earth Gokarna your health means the world to us. Refresh. Rejuvenate. Repeat.



Redearthgokarna Activities

Untethering yourself is an important part of a reboot. Run on beaches, surf towards the horizon and fly like a bird – discover Gokarna untethered.

Stay with Us

Redearthgokarna Stay with Us

Bring a Group

Redearthgokarna Bring a Group

What is better than rebooting alone? Rebooting with friends, of course. Share the magic of the Red Earth experience with your friends!

redearthgokarna Explore Gokarna

Explore Gokarna

From the mystics of Mahabaleshwar to unending coastlines, Gokarna is an adventure-in-progress.